Self-Esteem & Confidence Hypnotherapy

Start to feel good about yourself with more self-belief, empowerment and acceptance.

How to use ...

You can use this recording once a day or every other day until you begin to feel some relief. I would recommend no longer than once a week to get the results that you are looking for.

Find a quiet place to relax either lying down or reclining in a comfy chair where you will not be disturbed ... just listen to my voice and follow the positive suggestions given to you! The more you physically relax the more relaxed your mind will become, becoming more open to learning, explore new ideas, and able to view situations more objectively.

To download onto your computer click on Download next to the recording in the grey box. You can then sync to your phone for ease of use. If you are using your phone the link will open a webpage on your phone browser that you can keep. Please earmark the e-mail that the link comes in so that you can easily find it again should you need too.

Please note: Do not use when driving, operating machinery or have epilepsy.

These recordings are for my clients well-being and not for general use or resale.